is the gift you've been looking for!

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It's the gift you've been looking for! Tell me your story... Let me draw... Capture a moment... Keep it forever...

Picamimi turns you, your friends, your family, your loved ones, your icons, your moments to something fun, artful, and memorable for you, to keep forever.

Picamimi offers custom made pictures, made especially for you from photos, items, moments and wishes you share with me, with a little creativity and imagination added. I hand draw characters, that look like the actual people, and to that, I add a scene, with background images, items, banners etc. I then place the characters in front of this background as a pop-up figure. You can see examples and technical information of custom made pictures under the "Custom Work Gallery" and the journey from sketch to the final artwork when you click on the pictures title.

Picamimi also offers pictures of famous icons you cherish. Take a look under the "Iconic Work Gallery" for examples.


The more specific you are with what you have in mind, the better I can capture your wish. I would need certain details, such as the photo of the characters I will draw, the event or occasion it is for (it could be a birthday party, a baby shower or just a day out in the park). Any additional special items, that you would like to include in the picture, would be wonderful to have.


Anything you ask for is possible, all you need to do is tell me. I can work in variable sizes of background and characters that will fit this background. You can see the technical information of the pictures, including size, next to the photos under the galleries.


For custom made pictures I always offer the original. However if you would like additional copies of the work to be used as invitations, celebration cards etc., I can additionally offer you this without the pop-up effect of the characters. Only the original pictures would have the figures as a pop-up.

The iconic pictures will always have a choice of copy or original.


Iconic pictures are drawings of famous icons or characters you cherish. If one of the iconic pictures you want is already sold, I could prepare a similar original, upon request. If you would like yourself and/or one of your loved ones to be next to these characters, then this would be prepared as a custom made picture. 


The preparation time varies with the complexity of the picture you are requesting. I will start with your picture once we receive the payment and inform you the approximate ready to ship date. Please contact me for more specifics.


For custom made pictures pricing differs according to number of characters and the size of the picture. The pricing of Iconic Pictures is individually done. Please contact me at info@picamimi.com for further details.

All payments will be done either via PayPal or will be sent directly to a bank account. The details will be shared once the order is taken.


Shipping within Turkey is done via Yurtici Kargo. For the rest of the world, there is a choice of standard post, QuickPost or UPS. The shipping costs will be calculated and added to your total amount due, after receiving the order.


Once I receive your order, you will receive an email from me with your total amount due, the approximate ready to ship date and the payment details, asking for, if any, additional information I would require. Once I receive your payment, I will start to process your order and send you a confirmation.

Come join the Picamimi family! Be a part of it! All you need to do to own a specially designed picture for yourself is to go to I Want One!. Please contact me at info@picamimi.com for any questions you might have.

 Looking forward to drawing you!